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Britt Worldwide India Limited
IBO Volume Analysis Website

Business Profile:

Britt Worldwide India (BWWI) is a key player in the Multi-level Marketing area, and is closely associated with Amway’s Independent Business Owners. It is a business system set up under the guidance of the parent company, Britt Worldwide International, operating in almost all of Amway's 80 markets, and has a strong presence in India.

An Independent Business Owner associated with BWWI has an opportunity to learn from the best-experienced successful entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in helping to grow the business. BWWI offers a large array of business building tools, in addition to local and national seminar and business conferences. BWWI makes available audiotapes, videotapes, CDs and literature.


The company is associated with thousands of individuals and small firms, called IBO (Independent Business Owner). These IBOs obtain tools, literature and training from BWWI. As in any Multi-level Marketing system, incentives on these sales have to be distributed to the uplines of the IBOs who make these purchases. Every month, BWWI provides each qualifying IBO the sales volume figures pertaining to his downline.

BWWI wanted to develop a web site where the sales volume data will be stored and each IBO will have a login to view his/her own as well as his/her downline’s sales volume. In addition, graphical trend analysis of sales was to be provided, to help the IBO analyze the performance of himself and various members of his downline.
Maximum security was demanded, so that confidentiality of the data is maintained.

Once successfully launched, the website is now be enhanced periodically to enable it to be the primary portal for IBO performance and planning. As a first step, the expiry dates and contact details of various subscription products has now been made available to each IBO, on the website.


We have developed the “IBO Volume Analysis Website”, incorporating the following functionalities and features:

  View Performance:
IBOs can log into the site and can see their own sales data as well as sales data of their downlines. IBOs need to specify the criteria for viewing the data. While their ADA number will be fixed, they can specify the period for which the information is to be displayed, and the product categories that are to be displayed. In addition, the number of levels of downline, under the IBO’s level can be specified.

-- The performance report used “synchronized frames” (similar to Freeze Panes in Excel spreadsheets) to allow information to be viewed without the heading and downline IBO names being scrolled out of the display area.

  Graphical Reports: A drilldown on any IBO’s product category column displays its Sales trend by way of a line graph, which shows the performance over the preceding six months.

  Tape Subscribers List: This module displays the latest list of subscribers related to the IBO who has logged in, along with their subscription type, expiry date and contact information. This assists in ensuring that the IBO’s downline is in contact with relevant tools, and also in follow-ups for renewals.

  Monthly Data Upload: Administrator has rights to upload product-wise sales data, and subscription information. The information is accepted in Comma Separated Values files, and undated into the system.

  Administration Module: This module helps administrator to maintain the database of IBOs, setting & resetting the passwords etc.

  Audit Trail: This module helps to understand the usage of the site.
Architecture Details:

Architecture: Web-based n-tier Internet Application
Front End: Browser - Internet Explorer 5 or higher, with JavaScript for local validations
Graphs: Java applets
Mid-tier: Internet Information Server 5 on Windows 2000 server, with Active Server Pages, and COM Components developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.
Back End: SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 Server
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