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Thomas Cook India Limited
  Project 1: Leisure Travel Booking and Invoicing System

Business Profile:

Thomas Cook is one of the world's leading international travel and financial services groups and serves over 20 million customers a year.

In India, Thomas Cook (India) Limited, (TCIL), provides the following services: travel, travel related services, foreign exchange and insurance products.


TCIL has about 17 branch offices spread across the country. The branch offices sell Leisure Travel Tours to the customers. These tours are outbound tours. Head Office fixes the packages, duration, departure dates and prices of the products.

TCIL was interested in automating the following activities:

Compiling packages at the Head Office, and sending the details to all the branches.
Updating the packages as and when required, and sending the same to the branches.
Preparing customized packages for the customers.
Capturing inquiries of the customers and following up with such prospective customers.
Booking the packages for the customers.
Allow cancellations of bookings.
Collecting the payments from the customers.
Generating invoices against the customers.
Consolidating data at the Head Office.
MIS Reports.
Downloading data for SAP system.

Key Features of the Solution:
Distributed Database
Centrally managed Master information
Consolidation at HO
Data Extraction for upload to SAP


We have developed the “Leisure Travel Tours Booking and Invoicing System”, which meets the company requirements with the help of following features in the system:

  Packages Compiler: This module helps user to compile the tours by setting departure dates, duration, different prices (in multiple currencies) as per adult and child, type of hotels and hubs etc.

  Inquiry Module: This module helps user to capture maximum data of prospective customers and helps the sales executives to follow up them. This module helps user to schedule the activities and system accordingly prompts the sales executive on respective dates.

  Tour Booking Module: This module allows user to select the criteria and shows the prices. It generates booking file reference number for each booking. This module accepts changes in the customer selection, if customers wished so, and shows the modified price of the package. It also allows the user to cancel or postpone a tour.

  Collection & Refund Module: This module stores the collection and refund entries, for each booking, in different currencies.

  Invoicing Module: This module generates the invoices in multiple currencies. This Module is designed to ensure that entire amount of the package is been collected before allowing the user to generate the invoice. This module also generates the credit notes on tour cancellation.

  Data Import & Export Module: This module helps user to send the packages details from Head Office to Branch Offices, and send customer data, booking data, & invoicing data from the Branch Offices to the Head Office. There are control such as file sequence number, checksum, data encryption, which ensures the integrity and privacy of the data.

  MIS Reports Module: This module generates number of MIS Reports, including:
   Quantitative Business Performance Report
   Agent Commission Analysis Report
   Discount Analysis Report
   Ageing Analysis Report
   Cancellation Analysis Report
   Billing Due List

  Data Download Module: This module allows all the accounting data to be extracted into a flat file (BDC file), in a format that is then uploadable into SAP's FA system.

Architecture Details:

Architecture: Two-tier Client-Server, with Distributed implementation of database
Front End: Microsoft Visual Basic
Back End: SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 Server at Head Office, MSDE 1.0 on Windows 9x at Branch Offices

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